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Xi'an Shendian Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xi'an Shendian") is one of the designated domestic manufacturers of metal-oxide surge arrester, neutral grounding resistor, piezoresistor, surge protective device, resistor, cable accessories, tubular busbar, condenser bushing, composite insulator, epoxy insulating product, vacuum pressure impregnation product and other products. Xi'an Shendian is located at No. 23, Fazhan Avenue, New Industrial Park, High-tech Zone, Xi'an City, covering a site area of 19,000 m2 and gross floor area of 24,000 m2, and holding fixed asset amounted to RMB 200 Million. Xi'an Shendian currently has 330 employees, including 79 professionals and 20 experts who have made great contribution to China and are specialized in the design and manufacturing of surge arrester, resistor, cable accessories and epoxy insulation product.


General information:
1/ Total 420 staffs;
2/ Fixed assets about 31 MUSD, 2020 Revenues 147.7 MUSD.
3/ Product portfolio incl. surge arrester, cable accessory, resistor, HV bushing and tubular busbar.
4/ Up to date, patents over 260 items.
5/ Participated in national standard proposal of surge arrester, SPD and resistor.
6/ Products widely used in electric power, petrochemical, railway, coal, metallurgical construction and other fields, among them incl. ABB/ Schneider/ Siemens China.
Product Porfolio:
1/ Surge arrester and discharge counter, discharg monitor;
2/ Resistor;
3/ Cable accessory;
4/ HV Bushing;
5/ Tubular busbar and bus;
6/ SPD.
Export Reference:
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Successful story:
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Since its establishment in 1985, Xi'an Shendian has been in close cooperation with the relevant universities and colleges, scientific research institutions, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Insulators & Surge Arresters, and other institutions. With more than thirty years of production experience, Xi'an Shendian has established the production line of zinc oxide resistors and the production line of curing, forming, assembling and testing of silicone rubber products, both of which are at domestic advanced level. Moreover, Xi'an Shendian is equipped with skilled workforce, perfect technological facilities and complete production and testing equipment, mainly including tunnel furnace, spray granulator, water-bearing mixer, fully automatic hydropress, rubber mixing machine, curing press, fully automatic silicone injection and forming equipment, 1000kv or above extra-high voltage test station, partial discharge test equipment, fully automatic DC parameter tester, fully automatic square wave tester, residual voltage tester, AC and DC aging tester, high-current impact tester, X-ray real-time imaging system, salt spray / moisture test system, tracking test equipment, and helium mass spectrometer leak detector. All the equipment has high test accuracy and come up to domestic advanced level.

Shendian Electric Co. Ltd
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Brands : Shendian

No. of Employees : >191

Annual Sales : <41600000

Year Established : 1985

Export p.c : < 10%


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